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Construction of the New Nile Bridge across the River Nile at Jinja

The new Nile Bridge is a 525m long 3 spans continuous cable stayed bridge with reinforced concrete box girder and reinforced concrete pylons, the first cable stayed bridge in East Africa. Since June 2014 JBN has provided the Contractor’s Environmental Specialist, Site Environmental Officer, Safety Engineer and the HIV & Gender Officer to monitor day-to-day environment, safety and social issues of the project. The Construction of the New Bridge across the River Nile at Jinja financed by JICA and Government of Uganda

Furthermore, JBN carries out Environment, Health, Safety, Gender and HIV Management as well as prepared the Management  Plans  including the Contractor’s Environment and Social Management Plan (CESMP);Occupational Health and Safety Plan; Emergency Response Plan; ESMP for Batching Plant; Traffic Management Plan; HIV/AIDS and Gender Management Plan; Waste Management Plan; and Air Quality Monitoring Plan.

The Monitoring Services include: Monthly Environmental and Social Monitoring and Reporting; Gender sensitization and reporting; Monthly Occupational Health and Safety Reporting HIV/AIDS services (VCT, STDs etc.); Water Quality Monitoring for the River Nile; Bathymetry surveys for the river bed; and Preparation of Method Statements.