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Rehabilitation of Gulu Municipal Roads

Gulu Municipality is recognized as the central city in the PRDP 2 (Peace, Recovery and Development Plan 2). However because of the civil war for 20 years, the roads in Gulu municipality were seriously 2013, the Government of Uganda and Government of Japan requested a grant aid scheme for the improvement of Gulu Municipal Council Roads (IGMCR).the project will stabilize livelihood in northern Uganda, promote economic growth and realization of peace and safety by road users and citizens.

In 2016, JBN was commissioned to carryout Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) for improvement of Gulu Municipal Roads. This included the preparation of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Inception, draft inception report, final report including Environment Impact Statement (EIS) and Abbreviated Resettlement Action Plan (ARAP), Conduction of  field surveys for the natural environment and socio-economic environment, identification and assessment potential positive and negative impacts and mitigation measures in each phase of pre-construction, construction and post-construction.