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Solid Waste Management Strategies for 14 Municipalities in Uganda

JBN developed and costed a 5-year sustainable solid waste management strategic plan for each of the 14 Municipalities in 2016. Secondly, developed Model Bye-Laws to guide each of the Municipal Councils in enforcement and thirdly prepared an Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Strategy and implementation plan for each municipality.

The assignment included analysis of the current municipal solid waste management (MSWM) systems and practices, Review of the municipal institutional frameworks related to the handling and treatment of urban solid waste, Assessment the options for waste reduction, reuse, recycling and disposal within each municipality. In addition, develop scenarios of trends and estimation of future generation of solid waste and Development of indicators for monitoring in relation to these targets and strategies and finally development and preparation of a 5-year Municipal solid waste management strategy and plan, Model-by Laws and an IEC strategy for each municipality.