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Water Supply and Sanitation Program (WSSP) Program Phase I

In October 2016 (Ongoing Project), JBN Consults and Planners was been commissioned by Ministry of Water and Environment to develop and monitor  the Water Supply and Sanitation Program (WSSP) Program Phase I (Additional Funding) Program Components for 2 years. These included Rural Water Supply and Sanitation, Water for Production Tree Growing, and Knowledge management (Transfer and sharing of information)This project is being implemented in both drought and flood prone areas in 12 districts (Apac, Otuke, Katakwi, Soroti, Paliisa, Bukwo, Butaleja, Soroti, Kumi, Bukedea Budaka, Bududa.).

The Consultancy services include conducting a description of the program components’ key environmental and social impacts, Developing and scrutinizing among the impacts the major environmental and social impacts, proposing the enhancement and mitigation of the identified social and environment impacts measures considering climate change adaptation, social inclusion, gender, youth participation and disability developing program component monitoring and complementary initiatives with key verifiable indicators, units of measurements and definition of thresholds that will signal the need for collective actions developing description of social and environmental recommended mitigation measures as well as assessing and recommending institutional arrangements and responsibilities for mitigation measures and monitoring of the actions among others.