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Resettlement Action Planning

Some projects especially infrastructural roads such as roads, power lines and hydropower dams require land uptake and subsequently the need for land acquisition and resettlement of people. We prepare Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs) to address the social issues associated with land acquisition, livelihoods and resettlement to ensure that the population to be expropriated and displaced by development projects is formally consulted and adequately compensated and treated.

We also work with our Clients to establish grievance redress mechanisms to handle grievances that may arise from members of the communities who are dissatisfied with the eligibility criteria, community planning measures, or actual implementation of the resettlement. We have provided RAP services for numerous projects including Development for the Nyimur Multipurpose Water Resources Project, Rehabilitation of the Tororo – Gulu Railway Line, and Rehabilitation of Gulu Municipal Roads.

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