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Development Services

Some Projects Especially Infrastructural Roads Such As Roads, Power Lines And Hydropower Dams Require Land Uptake And Subsequently The Need For Land Acquisition And Resettlement Of People. We Prepare Resettlement Action Plans And Manage Gender, HIV/AIDS And Other Crosscutting Issues. Recently, According ILO, 2019, Gender-based Occupational Segregation Is Part Of The Equation Of The Underrepresentation Of Women In Various Sectors. Although Women’s Overall Participation In The Labour Force Has Increased Around The World Over The Past Decades, They Are Still 26 Percent Less Likely To Be Employed Than Men. As Such, We Guide Our Clientele In Developing Communications, Campaigns, And Outreach Programs Within Beneficiary Communities, Using Inclusive Practices That Show Commitments Towards Diversity In Job Advertisements, Ensuring A Gender-balanced Hiring Committee, Or Offering Incentives To Employers To Hire More Women.