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Violet Namakula

Limnologist and Wetland Expert

Violet Namakula holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Chemistry from Makerere University and a joint MSc. in Limnology and Wetland Ecosystem from the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Egerton University and BOKU University. She has also trained in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Tropical Limnology including Wetland delineation and assessment. Violet has over 10 years work experience in water related projects gained through research and work in the water sector.  She has vast knowledge and experience in water treatment and water quality testing and monitoring, research in wastewater treatment as well as monitoring of tropical natural water bodies.

Violet worked as a Water Quality Officer with the National Water and Sewerage Corporation for 8 years from 2008 to 2016 before she joined JBN as a Water Quality Specialist. Violet has worked with a wide range of equipment including Ion chromatography (IC), Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS), High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Spectrophotometry.

At JBN, Violet takes a lead in the development of water quality management and monitoring plans; field water quality monitoring, planning for surface water management and watershed management; identifying water quality problems and designing solutions.