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JBN specialises in environmental, social, engineering and development services. JBN Consults and Planners is a private consulting firm registered in Uganda that provides integrated environmental & social assessment, engineering, and development consulting services in the Great Lakes Region. This integration of services provides a multi-disciplinary consultancy firm geared to meeting the needs of clients across a wide range of sectors.



We use Engineering to ensure that innovations make real contributions to the greater community and society at large.


We are helping all stakeholders play a meaningful role in the conservation and protection of the country’s incredible biodiversity.


Infrastructure is at the very heart of economic and social development. By increasing efficiciency, there will be improvement in service delivery.


nile bridge project
New Nile Bridge at Jinja Project
EHSS Audit of Karuma 600 MW HPP
EHSS Audit of Isimba 183 MW HPP
Civil Aviation
Agricultural Production
Hydropower in Afghanistan

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